Take a look at our TOP Sportsbars this Week

Tally-Ho Sports Bar & Grill

Victoria, British Columbia

Ise’s Sports Bar

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

HFX Sports Bar & Grill

Halifax, Nova Scotia

McLean’s Pub

Montreal, Quebec

The Ballroom

Toronto, Ontario

Sports bars have sloshed over to us from the US. There it is popular to watch sports broadcasts in the bars. Usually there are more screens hung up in the bars than in Canada. Often there are a lot of televisions above the bar, and there are also many devices on the walls of the bar. There is one television for every two or three guests.

In Canada there are sports bars with three and a maximum of five devices. Some bars also have a screen on which the game is projected. This is mostly sufficient for the most important current games, as in this country football dominates the sports bars. Rarely are American sports or darts tournaments broadcast on television.

Beer is the usual drink in the sports bars

In the sports bars there must be plenty of drinks available in any case. Beer is the most popular drink, both draught and bottled, and of course non-alcoholic drinks. Some of the sports bars offer cocktails. Whether there is food in the bar is a decision of the owner. Some of the bars do not have a kitchen, others can offer a complete menu, others sell snacks for the small appetite.